• Sheri Xian Ling Foo

    I went to The Comb last weekend for a fresh hair colour and the Korean senior stylist was so friendly! She was also very patient as she explained to me on the different options I can take to get the hair colour I wanted. I wanted to get an ash colour but that required bleaching of the hair! She was frank and told me that it would be dry for me and left the decision up to me! In the end I didn’t bleach my hair and she tried to find a colour as close as possible to the colour I wanted (that needed bleaching). I’m so glad I got her as my stylist!(: will return to this place!

    Mar 23 , 2017
  • Honeylette Cainday-Brillo

    I love the service here. Friendly staff that goes a mile for your comfort. I like that they offer drinks and gave me magazine to read. I like the perm I got here… It made my flat limp hair so much volume. Definitely will come back again.

    Mar 14 , 2017
  • Wahyuni Kurniawati

    Happy with the service.. Friendly staff and understanding customer request. Thank you The Comb for the service.. Thumbs up!!!

    Mar 8 , 2017
  • Shawn Tan

    I was invited to do my hair here at The Comb, and hairstylist Cici did an awesome job for me. For the perfect hair color, you gotta look for Cici! Thank you lots. =)

    Feb 12 , 2017
  • Deenise Yang

    My stylist was Mogan and he did the hair scalp treatment using Oway and Loreal products for me which turns okay well. My scalp feels clean and fresh.

    Feb 7 , 2017
  • Shuh Ying

    I did a perm and colouring on my “virgin” hair at The Comb in August 2016. It has been about 5 months and I’m still getting complimented on my hair! Honestly I’ve never felt so good about my hair in my whole life.

    I also loved their service and how attentive my stylist Stephanie was to what I want. In the end she gave me very good advice and I’m so glad I decided to trust her and got the colour and style she recommended. The staff also offered to charge my phone and brought drinks for my friend who accompanied me. All in all, really nothing to complain about!

    A big THANK YOU to this awesome salon!!

    Jan 16 , 2017
  • Bhavya Ravi Mehndiratta

    Year before i took hair treatment and rebounding (very very Damaged hair ) from THE COMB…. my hair stylish i this her name is shishi or something similar sound but for sure i ll recognized her when i see….
    It was very pleasant experience for me… although due to miscommunication they did one extra hair therapy for my hair but it was help my hair to recover… so i am fine with this
    Now i am in singapore again…. so
    I am very much waiting to go their again… may be in mid February
    See you again

    Jan 10 , 2017
  • Xinting Tiffany Loh

    My first visit at The Comb & really enjoyed the services and honest advices provided by Senior Hair Stylist, Michelle.
    I was unsure with what kind of Digital Perm to go for and she gave me advices accordingly.
    Will definitely be back again!

    Jan 10 , 2017
  • Mel Koh

    I have been doing my hair with cici for the past year and my hair has been amazing…. she knows what is suitable and not recommended for my hair and is very meticulous and through! Love her recommendations for good hair products as well!

    Jan 8 , 2017
  • Wendy Low

    Reasonable price, nice environment and able to achieve Korean hairstyles! Look for Rina and you will never go wrong.

    Jan 4 , 2017
  • Jolene Tan

    Read alot of the reviews, after several consideration, decided to giv it a try.
    My hair stylist Michelle(senior hair stylist), she did a good job for me, very professional.
    I did rebonding & colored my hair to.cover my grey hair… she taught me how to blow my hair to have the curl effect & if dont blow it will still be straight & nice… she even gav me her contact in case i nd further advice.
    The salon is cozy & comfortable… the staff are friendly.. esp the guys that washed, blowed my hair, very gentle & skillful.
    Thank you Michelle & I will go bk when ever i nd a hair do…

    Jan 2 , 2017
  • Alisa Chua

    Did the promo package today afternoon and really love the outcome! Great value and will return for maintenance before cny.

    Dec 28 , 2016
  • Yuanting Ang

    ood experience with the salon & thank you for the service ! Will totally recommend it to my girlfriends.

    Dec 28 , 2016
  • Miwa Lee

    I dyed dark red colour picked by my hairstylist. She say the colour will suit my skin tone well..like the outcome, my hair feels and looks so good. My hair colour now make my skin look fairer. Thanks Michelle!

    Dec 19 , 2016
  • Esther Rachel Lai

    Visited the Comb to prep my hair (dye+styling) for a wedding shoot & I absolutely loved it! The colour was exactly how i wanted it and the hair style was perfect! Went back again a few months later to get my hair dyed in a deep violet-red shade and got so many wonderful compliments on the colour! I always walk out of the salon feeling extremely happy with the results! I feel like I can always trust the stylists there to do a fantastic job with my locks!

    Dec 1 , 2016
  • Tia Fashikah

    I was delighted with the service and warm welcome from Korean senior stylist, Soo Ah! I was surprised they had a drink menu that offered a choice of tea, coffee or juice, that was nice 🙂 The purpose of my visit was to dye my hair. Soo Ah recommended this burgundy brown shade that was different from my usual go-to light brown shades. The results were superb, my hair felt bouncier and the colour turned out really nice (I took lots of pictures after hehe) It’s been a month since my visit and the colour didn’t fade drastically! If you guys are working in the CBD area I recommend you visit them because its super convenient to get there, the results and service was really great too.

    Dec 1 , 2016
  • Jo Yin J Lim

    I’ve been doing my hair at The Comb with Cici (Senior Hairstylist) for the past few months. I didn’t expect to get such honest advice on my hair. She told me that the condition of my hair was not ready to be coloured and worked with me to strengthen my hair. I really appreciate the care Cici put into my hair, she has fantastic knowledge and gives very personalised service. Just dyed my hair with her on Sunday and she gave me an amazing colour that didn’t harm my hair too much, which is great. I definitely recommend The Comb.

    Nov 28 , 2016
  • Kassie Elaine Teo

    Wanted to do the digital perm but was discourage to do so due to my damage n dry hair ends. Nevertheless it was a great experience. The stylist is very patient, honest & professional. Do look for Michelle if you are dropping by. Definitely will refer friends & relative to her.

    Nov 1 , 2016
  • Diana Ong

    It was my first time at The Comb and it surely didn’t disappoint! It is a cosy salon that isn’t hard to locate. Upon arriving, I was welcomed by a staff and served with warm tea.
    Knowing that I wanted to keep my hair length, my stylist not only trimmed off all my split ends but also gave me a refreshing look. He was really experienced and meticulous in making sure that he achieves the results I wanted! I also did the 3-step Privvy treatment which left my hair amazingly soft and voluminous! Even after washing my hair, the moisturising effect stayed on, and I must say that I’m impressed!
    I’m absolutely pleased with the ambience of the salon and the service I have received from the friendly staffs as well as my stylist, who gave me tips on how to take care of my hair. Thank you for styling my hair!!!

    Oct 31 , 2016
  • Afif Barker

    It was such a pleasant trip to The Comb to get my hair dyed. Despite the agonising 6+ hours having to survive bleaching (four times), the friendly staff went on extra mile to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.
    I had Michelle as my stylist and her expertise goes beyond anything, despite the fact that she has to juggle other customers, she would occasionally checks on the status of your hair.
    Overall, I am very satisfied with the results. I got the grey locks that I want and will definitely recommend it to everyone and if you’re specifically wanting to get grey hair, you can find Michelle.
    Will come back again!

    Oct 24 , 2016
  • Janice Yip

    I visited the salon thrice, once in March, second time in June then third time in October. First 2 times I went there to colour & highlight my hair and I’m very impressed with the quality of products used. The colour used was very lasting and did not fade as quickly as I thought it would – it lasted at least a month.

    Also, I enjoy their head massages, the wash was very thorough and clean & it felt really nice throughout the whole 20 minutes.

    Only one improvement point, I wish they would have allocated me one stylist – each time I went I was given a different stylist, though they were all pretty good, I feel the service could be more personalised if I stuck to one stylist. I would definitely recommend Eri and Stephanie for colouring or highlighting services! All I had to do was to show them the final look I was going for and they gave me their recommendations and the colours turned out more vibrant and better than what I had expected!

    If you’re looking for a salon, you should give this a try!

    Oct 20 , 2016
  • Hui Ling

    Did a Loreal scalp treatment recently and love the minty feel after that! The assistant did a great job with the hair washing too- very comfy!

    Oct 16 , 2016
  • Jolene Teo

    The ambience of this place is pretty chill and it’s well lited, upon arrival, the staffs greeted me and welcomed me. I was offered a choice of tea,coffee or juice. I felt very comfortable as my Korean stylist was trying to explain as to what she recommend i should do to my hair. As I wanted big curls, she recommended me to do S Curls, which would give my hair the wavy effect but not too curly. I was very pleased with the end result of my hair and I’m sure I would revisit the comb anytime!

    Oct 10 , 2016
  • Cheryl Chiara

    Loved literally everything that happened the second I stepped into The Comb. I received all the standard service procedures. Which I am usually very particular about. And the crew has done them well! Was attended by a talented young stylist, Cici, who made me feel very comfortable during my session. I did not really had any idea what I wanted to do with my hair so I allowed her to decide. She examined my hair volume and texture, head shape (to know what kind of hair style to go for) and took notice of every detail of my head before getting started. She was very precise and detailed in her work. And without doubt, it came out superb!!! Would really recommend to look for her! OH! And their bleaching don’t hurt at all for me!! Which was amazingly surprising!! If I could give 10 stars!

    Oct 10 , 2016
  • Gloria Cheong

    Absolutely love my hair! I just moved back to Singapore and it was my first time going to hair salon in SG, thought I will never find one as good as the one I used to go in Hong Kong, but it’s unexpectedly good! Thank you so much for giving me such a good experience!
    I did my first perming in HK 4 months ago, and never do rebond for the upper part of my hair so it actually looks frizzy. My hair stylist Angie, understand what I’m looking for and suggested their treatment for me. I must say she and her team are so profession, they have skills and high efficiency, no time was wasted!
    I definitely will recommend this salon to other people looking for salon in Singapore.

    Oct 7 , 2016
  • Crystal Ang Min Ning

    Their service is very good, I love my hair colour a lot. Will definitely go back there again to do my hair !

    Sep 28 , 2016
  • Nikki Plunkett

    I had a digital perm done at the comb & I absolutely love my new look. Thank you guys so much!

    My stylist walked through all the steps of how to style and treat permed hair and was super helpful. The music playing throughout the entire treatment was also on point. I would definitely recommend this super cute & stylish boutique salon.

    Sep 12 , 2016
  • Enabelle Koh

    Had my hair done 2days back . Did volume rebonding + colouring + 3 step treatment ! My hair stylist , Stephanie , had done a very good job ! She was very patient & friendly ! Say byebye to flat and dead rebonded hair . Left the salon with super soft and smooth and straight hair . Hehe Love it !

    Sep 11 , 2016
  • Enabelle Koh

    Had my hair done 2days back . Did volume rebonding + colouring + 3 step treatment ! My hair stylist , Stephanie , had done a very good job ! She was very patient & friendly ! Say byebye to flat and dead rebonded hair . Left the salon with super soft and smooth and straight hair . Hehe Love it !

    Sep 11 , 2016
  • Lim Liang Xiu

    Highly recommend this salon. My Stylist Angie is very professional & the staff who helped me are also very observant to ensure comfort during my perming session. The perming process does not dry my hair. She also teaches me how to maintain my curls. Love my curls and received many good feedback. Will definitely come back again!

    May 24 , 2016
  • Sakura Soh

    Loving the hair cut so much!!! Service was great too.

    May 4 , 2016
  • Cheryl Lee

    Had keratin treatment done yesterday. It was my first time at The Comb and I have to say, their services was beyond my expectations.

    I have been dealing with frizzy/damaged hair for the longest time. Senior stylist – Angie analysed my hair and decided on the procedure which left my locks healthy and smooth.

    Strongly recommended!

    Apr 21 , 2016
  • Xue Ping

    Very satisfied with the result, now I have voluminous hair with low maintenance (which is what I wished for!). Did a perm + treatment yet my hair felt healthier than before. Seeing senior stylist Cici worked meticulously, I knew I was in great hands. This is a young and good-looking team and very knowledgable and skilful. I would also like to commend on their products used, mainly organic and not off the shelf. Saturday was full house, so appt is a must. Lastly, do communicate with your stylist on your hair experience as it might affect your perm result. Thank you Cici and The Comb.

    Apr 3 , 2016
  • Khloe Lim

    So recently, I went to The Comb to get my messy locks fixed. Previously, i had very damaged hair from the previous dyes, and had to spam conditioner/treatment everyday. Worst thing is, whatever colour i dyed, it’ll always fade back to the golden which i hate so much, as it brings out the dryness and makes the damage even more ovvious!
    During the visit to The Comb, i mentioned to Cici, their senior stylist, that i wanted healthy hair, and she advised to go darker and cut off the unhealthy parts of my hair. I never had such short hair in the last 2 years, but no regrets!!! Because, i can finally have healthy and smooth hair!!

    Apr 1 , 2016
  • Yixin Ascione Sng

    Great ambience great service. I couldnt ask for more. And my hair is even more beautiful than ever now

    Mar 31 , 2016
  • LiFeng Tan

    Great first experience with The Comb. Zac Cici was my stylist and she understood what I wanted and did a fantastic job – absolutely loving my new hair. She also took time to explain how I should maintain my curls even though it was past the closing hour and we were the last in the shop. The environment was also very comfortable and overall service by her assistant was great. The $168 offer is definitely value for money and I top up $80 for an additional hair treatment.

    Mar 21 , 2016
  • 정재학

    Really nice all the staff’s are very gentel to the customer and also i liked the hair cut also, stylist’s are so into their job i loved it !

    Mar 18 , 2016
  • Sharon Nadine

    Felt so pampered here! Had treatment done to my damaged locks and I feel so great now! The stylists were also very knowledgeable and suggested what’s best for me.

    Nov 15 , 2015
  • Leonora Quah

    Rina did my perm 5 months ago and my curls look so natural and have held really well. Money well spent ! Will definitely come back for more hair services and I highly recommend Rina – she’s so stylish , even gave me some fashion and make up advice.

    Nov 4 , 2015