About The Comb

Reborn in stylish elegance

At The Comb, we are set on exceeding customer’s expectations with the best of our abilities. Tell us your dream hair and we will fulfil it.

Every visit starts with entering our cozy establishment and a hair consultation where our hair professionals will assess the health of your hair before recommending suitable services and treatments that befits your hair texture, type, how it can possibly accentuate your physical features and at the same time, complimenting your lifestyles.

Our stylists’ origins hail from South East Asia- Seoul Korea, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, and Singapore where they accumulated relevant experiences working in some of the trendiest hair boutiques in the capital. Rina Kil, our Creative Director commands The Comb’s hairstyling team and imparts valuable knowledge to her subordinates.

The Comb team prides itself in shaping the ambience to a customer’s liking so as to keep your intrinsic and extrinsic needs satisfied. We seek perfection and every hairdo that leaves our salon has to be aesthetically pleasing. Our team of talented stylists offer tailored services to each individual’s personality and lifestyle. Service techniques such as special occasion hair & makeup, colour, hair straightening and perming are all Korean-influenced.


The Comb materialized when Creative Director Rina Kil and her partners decided to design a hair salon with a comfortable atmosphere and a “straight to the point” solution- solving. Such a name also resonates strongly with Rina when she was given a family heirloom – a Mother-of-pearl comb by a late relative who brought her through childhood in Seoul and told her to “Galida (Comb) your hair and show the world what you’ve got.”

Being an avid fan of the minimalistic movement, Rina opted for wood elements and a clean and spick image that customers can share an affliction with. Although prices have been tuned down a notch at The Comb, quality is never compromised and the team of talented stylists still continue to amaze customers with their versatile and creative skills.


The Comb’s mission: Do the right things right for our clients, first time, everytime. We believe in customers being the epitome of survival, therefore we aim to pamper our clients in every single aspect, by meeting their needs through excellent customer service & exceeding customer’s expectations for all range of hair services from our well-trained team.

Firstly, with sincere smiles we provide a pleasing environment to welcome every valued client into our hairstyling abode. Tell us about your desired hairstyle, and through thorough assessment, we will then advise the perfect hair treatment with your best interests at heart.

In the Shampoo Room, every floral-tinted hairwash is accomplished by a fluffy blanket and a soothing scalp massage to ease the tension from your stressful day. Lastly, we leave you with pleasant memories and guaranteed satisfaction.


The latest magazines and premium beverages like TWG tea and freshly brewed Nescafe are provided. You can opt to tune yourself into the ebbs and flows of our chill playlist and glaze your eyes over pouting models on our wall screen. Otherwise, we will love to engage you in a light-hearted chat while we work our magic on your hair.


Starting with a humble outlet in the nook of Club Street, we aim to expand to a total of three within the next 2 years so that our customer can enjoy our services across the island to their convenience.

Furthermore, as hair trends constantly evolve, our stylists keep up by regularly attending hair conferences and workshops, both locally and overseas, like in London, Korea etc. We believe that keeping up with the top trends is an integral part in becoming successful. As beauty ambassadors, our clients look up to us for both inspiration and advice on the season’s most coveted cut, colour and style.